You can use the HG_VERSION function to obtain the version of your Hologres instance. This topic describes how to use the HG_VERSION function in Hologres.


Only Hologres V0.10 and later allow you to use the HG_VERSION function.


The HG_VERSION function uses the following syntax:
select hg_version()
The output contains information such as the instance version, compatible PostgreSQL version, operating system, and compiler.


Execute the following statement:
select hg_version()
An output similar to the following one is displayed:
 Hologres 0.9.29 (tag: 0.9.29 build: Release,Skylake,clang), compatible with PostgreSQL 11.3 (Release-build@1b725dxxxx on origin/ralease-0.9.x) on x86_64-pcplinux-gnu, compiled by clang version 8.0.1 (Alibaba 8.0.1-14.alios7),64-bit
(1 row)
The output shows that the instance version is 0.9.29, the compatible PostgreSQL version is 11.3, and the operating system is a Linux 64-bit operating system.