You can perform O&M operations on instances in the Hologres console. In the Hologres console, you can stop, restore, and delete Hologres Shared Cluster (BI-based MaxCompute Acceleration Edition) instances. You can also view relevant information about the instances.

Log on to the Hologres console and click Instances. On the Instances page, you can perform the following operations:
  • Stop an instance.

    A Shared Cluster (BI-based MaxCompute Acceleration Edition) instance is billed in pay-as-you-go mode. You can stop the instance to release resources based on your business requirements. The stopped instance cannot run and you cannot run tasks in the instance.

  • Restore an instance.
    If you need to restore an instance that has been manually stopped, click Restore. After the instance is restored, you can continue to use the instance for development.
    Note Wait several minutes until the instance is restored.
  • Delete an instance.

    If you no longer need the instance that is stopped, you can click Delete to delete the instance. After the instance is deleted, all tables and objects in the instance are deleted and cannot be restored. Use caution when you delete an instance.

  • Manage an instance.
    On the Instances page, find the instance that you want to manage and click Manage in the Actions column to go to the instance details page. On this page, you can view instance information, manage users and databases, and view alert details. You can perform the following operations:
    • Instance Details

      On the Instance Details tab, you can view basic information about the instance. The information includes the name, ID, region, billing method, creation time, and network type of the instance. For more information, see Instance configurations.

    • Monitoring Information

      On the Monitoring Information tab, you can manage the resources of the instance. You can view the CPU utilization, memory usage, instance storage usage, number of connections, and queries per second (QPS) of the current instance. For more information about the meanings of metrics, see Hologres metrics.

    • Account Management

      On the User Management page in the HoloWeb console, you can manage users in the Hologres instance without the need to execute cumbersome SQL statements. For example, you can add and delete users, and grant permissions to users. This way, you can manage the users in the instance in a refined manner. For more information, see Manage users.

    • Database Management

      On the Database Authorization page in the HoloWeb console, you can manage databases. For example, you can add or delete databases. For more information, see Manage databases.