You can use the HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY function to modify the properties of a database. This topic describes how to use the HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY function in Hologres.


To use the HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY function, you must be the superuser of an instance or the owner of a database.


The following table describes the database properties that you can modify by using the HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY function.
Property Description
default_table_group Specify whether a table group is the default table group.
Note This property is supported by Hologres V0.10 or later.
shard_count Set the number of shards for the default table group. This property is not recommended.


CALL HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY ( 'property', 'value' );
The following table describes the parameters of the HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY function.
Parameter Description
property The name of the property.
value The value of the property.


Execute the following statement to set the table group named TG120 as the default table group:
CALL HG_UPDATE_DATABASE_PROPERTY ( 'default_table_group', 'TG120' );