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Global Traffic Manager:Enable the health check feature

Last Updated:Nov 06, 2023

If you enable the health check feature, you can perform health checks for the addresses in an address pool to monitor the availability of your application service. This way, automatic fault isolation and automatic failover are achieved. Available health check types include ping-based health checks, TCP health checks, and HTTP or HTTPS health checks.


An instance is created and an address pool is created.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Global Traffic Manager. On the Global Traffic Manager page, find the required instance and click Settings in the Actions column of the instance.

  3. Click the Address Pools tab. Click the plus sign (+) before the address pool to display the address pool information. Then, click Add in the Health Check section. image.png

  4. Configure health check information.

    Configure a health check rule for the addresses in the address pool to obtain the availability of your application service.

  • Health Check Protocol: Valid values are PING, TCP, HTTP, and HTTPS. The default value is PING.

    1. If your application service is deployed in the Chinese mainland, do not select a monitoring node in a region outside the Chinese mainland. If your application service is deployed in a region outside the Chinese mainland, do not select a monitoring node in the Chinese mainland. This prevents false alerts that are triggered due to network issues.

    2. If all addresses in the address pool are Alibaba Cloud IP addresses and the black hole filtering policy is used for fault detection, select non-BGP nodes as monitoring nodes. BGP is short for Border Gateway Protocol. Reason: Blackhole filtering is an access control list (ACL) policy that takes effect on the Internet between the Alibaba Cloud network and the network of an Internet service provider (ISP). Traffic among Alibaba Cloud IP addresses flows in the cloud network, which reduces the detection effect.

Monitoring nodes

The following table lists the monitoring nodes to which the health check feature is applicable.

Node type

Node name

BGP Nodes

Zhangjiakou, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hohhot, Shenzhen, and Beijing

Overseas Nodes

Hong Kong(China), Germany, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Australia, Malaysia, and Japan

ISP Nodes

ChinaUnicomWuhan, ChinaUnicomDalian, ChinaUnicomNanjing, ChinaUnicomTianjin, ChinaTelecomQingdao, ChinaTelecomChangsha, ChinaTelecomXian, ChinaTelecomZhengzhou, ChinaMobileShenzhen, ChinaMobileDalian, and ChinaMobileNanjing