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Global Traffic Manager:Overview

Last Updated:Jun 16, 2020


The User Guide describes the functions and usage of Global Traffic Manager (GTM).


  1. Instance information:
    Describes information about an instance list, including the CNAME domain name, health check status, and access policy status, to help you fully understand instance information.

  2. Global settings:
    Describes the global settings, including the primary domain name, load balancing policy, global TTL, and alarm group.

  3. IP address pool configurations:
    Describes the configuration items of an address pool, including the address pool type, minimum available addresses, address pool status, and address mode.

  4. Health check:
    Describes the functions and configuration items of health check, including ping monitoring, TCP monitoring, and HTTP(S) monitoring.

  5. Access policy:
    Describes the configuration items of an access policy to implement nearby access and disaster tolerance, including smart DNS and DNS failover.

  6. Logs:
    Describes information about the running status of GTM, including health check, address pool status, and access policy switchover.