This topic describes the version information of Function Compute SDK for Python.


Release date Version Description
2020-09-14 2.5.0 Supports asynchronous invocation configurations.


Release date Version Description
2019-12-04 2.4.0 Supports concurrent instances.


Release date Version Description
2018-05-24 2.0.7 Fixes bugs that are related to identity authentication signatures.
2018-05-23 2.0.6 Adds parameters to signatures to facilitate queries.
2.0.5 Supports environment variables.
2.0.4 Adds SDK triggers and tests.
2.0.3 Checks function parameters before you send an HTTP request.
2.0.2 Changes the image and destination of fc2.
2.0.1 Adds custom headers to fc2, which affects all the Function Compute HTTP responses.


Release date Version Description
2017-08-04 0.3 Supports Python 3.
2017-08-04 0.2 Resolves the issue where content-length headers are invalid when you invoke functions.
2017-08-04 0.1 The initial version of SDK for Python is released.