This topic describes the concepts and methods of developing request handlers using Python Runtime in Function Compute.

What is a request handler?

The request handler for the FC function, which is the method used in the function code to process the request. When your FC function is called, the Function Compute runs the Handler method you provided to process the request. You can configure the Handler by using the request handler (function entry) of the Function Compute console.

For FC functions in the Python language, your request handler is in the file name format. The name of the method. For example, if your file name is and your method name is handler, the request handler is main.handler.

For more information about the definition and related operations of FC functions, see Manage functions.


For specific configuration examples of request handlers, see Event Request Handler and HTTP request handler (HTTP Handler), respectively.


For more information about how to deploy your code package to Function Compute Platform, see Deploy code packages.