You can call this operation to query available instances of a function.

Usage notes

The ListInstances interface provides the ability to query the real-time status of a function instance. The instance queried by using this operation is the available instance on the traffic link of the corresponding function.

Available instances are instances that are executing requests or can be scheduled to process requests. The ListInstances is consistent with the instances in the InvokeFunction traffic link.

Request headers

This operation uses only common request headers. For more information, see Common parameters.

Request syntax

GET /services/{serviceName[.qualifier]}/functions/{function_name}/instances HTTP/1.1

Request parameters

Parameter Type Position Required Example Description
serviceName String Path Yes service_name

The name of the service.

functionName String Path Yes function_name

The name of the function

qualifier String Path No test

The version or alias of the service. The default value is LATEST.

The qualifier here has the same meaning as the qualifier InvokeFunction, that is, the instance queried by the specified qualifier=test when the ListInstances is called is the instance on the qualifier=test link when the InvokeFunction is called.

Notice The qualifier parameter to be passed in to query instances in reserved mode must be an alias, not a version. Because reserved resources are directly bound to aliases, instances in reserved mode are also managed under the corresponding aliases.
instanceIds Array of String Query No ["1ef6b6ff-7f7b-485e-ab49-501ac681****", "04db0821-c6d2-4c10-970b-93e36f1a****"]

The ID of the instance.

limit Long Query No 20

The number of resources to be returned. Valid values: [0,100].

The number of returned resources is smaller than or equal to the specified number.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description

The list of returned instance information.

instanceId String ["1ef6b6ff-7f7b-485e-ab49-501ac681****", "04db0821-c6d2-4c10-970b-93e36f1a****"]

The ID of the instance.

versionId Long 1

The version of the service to which the instance belongs. If it is a function instance under a LATEST alias, the version number is 0.


Sample requests

GET /services/{serviceName[.qualifier]}/functions/{function_name}/instances?instanceIds=["[\"1ef6b6ff-7f7b-485e-ab49-501ac681****\", \"04db0821-c6d2-4c10-970b-93e36f1a****\"]"]&limit=20 HTTP/1.1

Sample success responses

JSON format

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

[ {
  "instanceId" : "[\"1ef6b6ff-7f7b-485e-ab49-501ac681****\", \"04db0821-c6d2-4c10-970b-93e36f1a****\"]",
  "versionId" : 1
} ]