This topic describes the version information of SDK for Java.


Release date Version Description
2020-12-16 1.8.12 Supports metrics at the request level.
2020-10-27 1.8.11 Integrates with Tracing Analysis.
2020-09-14 1.8.10 Supports asynchronous invocation configurations.
2020-08-25 1.8.8 Adds a configuration validator.
2020-08-05 1.8.7 Adds the getCAPort and getCustomContainerConfig parameters to the responses of the GetFunction operation.
2020-07-27 1.8.6 Allows you to specify the request timeout period.
2020-07-22 1.8.5 Allows you to specify the request timeout period.
2020-06-22 1.8.4 Allows you to associate an API operation with a virtual private cloud (VPC).
2020-06-19 1.8.2 Allows you to set the CustomContainerConfig object and specify the port on which the server listens and the instance type.
2020-03-16 1.8.1 Allows you to deploy a patch to an HTTP function.
2020-03-13 1.8.0 Allows you to add a signed URL to an HTTP trigger.


Release date Version Description
2019-12-27 1.7.1 Adds new fields to the API operation that queries subscription instances.
2019-11-22 1.7.0 Supports asynchronous clients. Asynchronous clients support only the API operations that are related to functions and services.
2019-11-15 1.6.0
  • Adds API operations that are related to on-demand instance configurations.
  • Supports concurrent instances for creating and updating functions.
  • Resolves the issue where the responses of the TagResource or UntagResource operation do not contain a body. Adds the RequestId parameter to the header file.
2019-09-04 1.5.0 Supports tags.
2019-08-26 1.4.0 Adds API operations that are related to provisioned instance configurations.
2019-05-30 1.3.4 Encodes all the responses in UTF-8.
2019-05-23 1.3.3 Supports access to custom domain names over HTTPS.
1.3.2 Supports access to custom domain names over HTTPS.


Release date Version Description
2018-11-22 1.3.1 Allows you to query the account information.
2018-11-21 1.3.0
  • Supports initialization.
  • Allows you to add versions.
2018-09-20 1.2.1 Allows you to add custom domain names.
2018-08-27 1.2.0 Integrates with Apsara File Storage NAS.
2018-06-01 1.1.10 Supports Alibaba Cloud CDN event triggers and VPCs.
2018-05-04 1.1.8 Fixes bugs that are related to URL encoding.
2018-04-27 1.1.7 Supports HTTP triggers.
2018-04-12 1.1.6 Supports environment variables.
2018-03-16 1.1.5 Fixes compilation bugs of JDK 1.9.
2018-03-09 1.1.4 Supports time triggers.


Release date Version Description
2017-10-12 1.1.3 Fixes Function Compute endpoints for new regions.
2017-09-29 1.1.2 Refactors the configurations of Log Service triggers.