faasutil is a next-generation command line tool provided by Alibaba Cloud FPGA as a Service (FaaS) and can make FPGA-accelerated instances easier to use, and more stable, secure, and scalable. You can use faasutil to run simple commands to configure environments, and generate and load FPGA images without caring about the underlying implementation. This topic describes how to obtain faasutil.

Obtain faasutil

  1. Make sure that the /dev/virtio-ports/FaaS.agent file exists in the FPGA-accelerated instance.
    If the file does not exist, the FPGA-accelerated instance does not support faasutil. Use faascmd instead. For more information, see faascmd overview.
  2. Download faasutil.
    wget https://fpga-tools.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com/faascmd_bin/v2_0/faasutil
  3. Grant the execute permissions on faasutil.
    chmod +x faasutil