This topic describes how to handle errors in the Python runtime environment.

If an error occurs when you execute a function, Function Compute captures the error and returns the error information. The following sample code provides an example:

def my_handler(event, context):
    raise Exception('something is wrong')

When an error occurs, the HTTP header in the response to the function invocation contains X-Fc-Error-Type: UnhandledInvocationError. The HTTP request body contains the following information. For more information about the error types in Function Compute, see Error handling.

  "errorMessage": "something is wrong",
  "errorType": "Exception",
  "stackTrace": [
      "File \"/code/\"",
      "line 2",
      "in my_handler",
      "raise Exception('something is wrong')"

The following table describes the fields in the error information.

Field Type Description
errorMessage String The error message.
errorType String The error type.
stackTrace List The stack of the error.