If an application is deployed on multiple instances, the application can be released in batches, by group, or in batches according to instance groups


  1. After creating an application, click the application name. On the Application Details page, click Deploy Application.
  2. On the Deployment Mode Selection page, click Start Deployment in the General Release (Single/Multiple Batch) section. On the page that appears, specify File Uploading Method, upload the desired WAR or JAR package, and enter the version number.
  3. Set Group to release the application. Specifically, select a desired group from the Group drop-down list to release the application by group.

    If no group exists in the drop-down list, such as Beta, you need to create an instance group:

    1. On the Application Details page, click the Instance Information tab. Click Create Group. In the Create Group dialog box, enter a group name, such as Beta, and click Create.
    2. On the Instance Information tab, in the Default Group section, find the desired application, and click Change Group in the Actions column. In the Change Group dialog box, select the new group such as Beta from the Target Group drop-down list, and then click Confirm.
    3. Add the instances where the application will be released to the group in sequence.
  4. Select the desired number of batches from the Batches per Group drop-down list.
  5. Specify Batch Wait Time, and then click Confirm. In this way, you can release the application in batches and by group.