Elastic Desktop Service (EDS) can be widely used in multiple fields that have high requirements for secure data management and control and high-performance computing. These fields include finance, design, video, and education. It is also applicable in multiple complex scenarios, such as telecommuting, multi-branch collaboration, secure office automation (OA), short-term commitment, and graphic design.


You can use the EDS client to connect to cloud desktops for office work anytime, anywhere. This is suitable for employees who frequently go on business trips or work at irregular workspaces. Telecommuting

Multi-branch collaboration

You can remotely connect to office desktops over the Internet to manage desktops from different branches distributed across regions. EDS allows you to connect to multiple Active Directory (AD) systems. This meets the IT management requirements of large enterprises and improves collaboration efficiency. Multi-branch collaboration

Secure OA

EDS uses security gateways to isolate the virtual private cloud (VPC) in which your cloud desktop resides from the Internet. It also allows you to manage the permissions of regular users in a centralized manner. Data is stored on the cloud, which enhances data security. Secure OA

Short-term commitment

You can create cloud desktops as needed to meet the temporary office needs of interns and outsourced employees or to satisfy the short-term needs of training institutions.
Scenario Solution
Short-term commitment that requires quick delivery and release of desktops Cloud desktops are out-of-the-box and delivered within minutes. You are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Requirements for data security Data is stored on the cloud with high reliability.
Standardization requirements for basic office desktops You can customize images to generate desktop templates for the delivery of multiple standard office desktops at a time.
Requirements for desktop restoration and reset You can use images and snapshots to restore or reset desktops in a quick manner.
Management requirements for peripheral permissions You can use policies to centrally manage peripheral permissions to use EDS.

Graphic design

High-performance GPU-accelerated desktops can meet the requirements of domain-specific scenarios, such as graphic design, video editing, and industrial design and modeling.
Scenario Solution
High performance requirements for professional software High-performance GPU-accelerated desktops are provided and are compatible with the most popular design software.
Requirements for professional software at a low cost You can create or release desktops as needed, which is flexible and cost-saving.
High security requirements for sensitive data, such as design drawings Data is stored on the cloud. Multiple security policies, such as watermarking and centralized management of read and write permissions for USB flash drives and clipboards, are used to protect your data.