This topic describes how to view the settings of an auto provisioning group, the information of created instances in the auto provisioning group, and the execution status of scheduling tasks.


  1. Log on to the ECS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Deployment & Elasticity > Auto Provisioning.
  3. In the top navigation bar, select a region.
  4. Find the auto provisioning group that you want to view and click View Details in the Actions column.
    The following table describes the information that is displayed in the Auto Provisioning Group Details panel.
    Tab Description
    Group Configurations
    • Basic Information: the basic information of the auto provisioning group, including the ID, type, status, start time, and expiration time of the group.
    • Group Capacity: the real-time and target capacities of the auto provisioning group, including the total real-time capacity, total target capacity, real-time capacity of preemptible instances, target capacity of preemptible instances, real-time capacity of pay-as-you-go instances, and target capacity of pay-as-you-go instances.
    • Capacity-related Settings: the capacity-related settings of the auto provisioning group, including the provisioning policies, shutdown settings for group expiration or target capacity exceeded.
    Template Configurations
    • Original Configurations: the source configuration that includes information such as the ID and version of the instance launch template.
    • Extended Configurations: the extended instance configurations that include information such as instance types and zones configured for the auto provisioning group.
    Instances The list of instances that have been created in the auto provisioning group.
    Group History The scheduling tasks that the auto provisioning group has executed. If success rate of the tasks is low, check whether the settings of the auto provisioning group such as available resource pools or maximum prices are properly configured.