This topic describes Elastic Compute Service (ECS) SDKs for different programming language and lists the addresses from which to obtain the latest SDK versions.

SDK introduction

Alibaba Cloud ECS SDKs encapsulates the API version released on May 26, 2014. It identifies callers based on their AccessKey pairs and provides features such as automatic signature to allow you to create and manage resources by calling API operations.

To use ECS features, you must install ECS SDKs and Alibaba Cloud core libraries. For example, to use ECS SDK for Java, you must download aliyun-java-sdk-core and aliyun-java-sdk-ecs.


The following table describes ECS SDKs. You can view their update history and help documentation and obtain their installation packages on GitHub.

SDK GitHub address GitHub document
Java aliyun-openapi-java-sdk
Python aliyun-openapi-python-sdk
PHP aliyun-openapi-php-sdk
.NET aliyun-openapi-net-sdk
C++ aliyun-openapi-cpp-sdk
Go alibaba-cloud-sdk-go
Node.js aliyun-openapi-nodejs-sdk


  • Alibaba Cloud Developer Center combines popular SDKs for a variety of programming languages with information such as Getting Started Tutorials and open source projects. For more information, visit Alibaba Cloud Developer Center.
  • For information about how to obtain an AccessKey pair, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.
  • For information about the endpoints of ECS, see Request syntax.