Burstable instances are the only instances that use CPU credits for maximum cost efficiency. This topic describes the benefits of burstable instances.

Lower cost

The cost of a burstable instance is 10% to 48% lower than that of a shared instance with the same configurations.
Note The actual performance of a burstable instance depends on the accumulation and usage of CPU credits. Before you purchase a burstable instance, make sure that you fully understand the relevant terms such as baseline performance and CPU credits of burstable instances. For more information, see Overview.

Finer-granularity specifications

ecs.t5-lc2m1.nano is an instance type of burstable instances, which has the baseline level specifications of one vCPU and 0.5 GiB memory. The instance specifications of burstable instances allow you to flexibly combine instance types to meet finer-granularity requirements. For more information, see t5, burstable instance family.

Predictable CPU performance

Burstable instances provide a baseline level of CPU performance (baseline performance). You can predict the burstable performance of a burstable instance based on its baseline performance and accrued CPU credits, and select appropriate compute capabilities.

Higher network performance

Burstable instances use the most advanced network-based technologies to reduce network latency to one-third of that of the last-generation instances.