Cluster templates contain saved configurations that you can use to create clusters. This topic describes how to create a cluster template.

Background information

Cluster templates are used for the system to create temporary clusters for data development workflows. If you are concerned only about the completion of the jobs in a data development workflow, you can specify a cluster template. The system creates a cluster based on the template that you specified, and then delivers the jobs to the cluster. The cluster is automatically released after the workflow is complete.


You can use cluster templates to create only Hadoop and Dataflow clusters. If you want to create a cluster of another type, submit a ticket. For more information, see submit a ticket.


  1. Go to the Data Platform tab.
    1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud EMR console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
    2. In the top navigation bar, select the region where your cluster resides and select a resource group based on your business requirements.
    3. Click the Data Platform tab.
  2. In the Projects section, click Cluster Template in the upper-right corner.
    On the cluster template list page that appears, you can modify or delete an existing cluster template based on your business requirements.
    Action Description
    Edit Click Edit in the Actions column that corresponds to a cluster template to modify the cluster template. After the modification is saved, the modification immediately takes effect on all workflows that are using the cluster template.
    Delete Click Delete in the Actions column of a cluster template to delete the cluster template.
    Note The system does not check whether the cluster template that you want to delete is being referenced by a workflow. After the cluster template is deleted, all the workflows that use the cluster template fail.
  3. Create a cluster template.
    1. Click Create Cluster Template in the upper-right corner.
    2. On the Create Cluster Template page, configure the required parameters.

      The operations that are required to create a cluster template are similar to the operations that are required to create a cluster. For more information, see Create a cluster.

      In the Hardware Settings step of the Create Cluster Template page, you can configure multiple instance types. This prevents cluster creation failures caused by insufficient inventory of instances of a specified type, which may affect the jobs that you want to run. Multi-instance Type
    3. Read and select E-MapReduce Service Terms and click Save.
      You can view the cluster template that you created in the cluster template list.