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:The system prompts that the schema does not exist during the data migration PreCheck

Last Updated:Jan 16, 2023

Problem description

When DTS creates a database in the destination RDS instance, the PreCheck checks that the schema does not exist.


Your local data name can contain uppercase letters, special characters, and RDS keywords. Or RDS requirements name lowercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores in either of the following composition, beginning with a letter alphabetic or numeric end with a maximum of 64 characters, if you the data in the source instance name does not meet this requirement, then DTS is will not automatically created in RDS this library an error indicating that the schema does not exist is reported during the PreCheck.


You must manually create a valid database in the RDS console. Then, when configuring a DTS migration task, you must use database name mapping to migrate data from a local database to the RDS Database with a valid name. For more information, see data migration between databases with different names.

Application scope

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)