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:Database Availability Check failed

Last Updated:Dec 28, 2020

Problem description

DTS checks whether the destination database is available during the PreCheck to ensure successful data migration. The PreCheck results in a failure.


The destination database is not created. DTS does not automatically create a database, which causes the database availability check to fail.


On the databases page of the RDS console, check whether the database objects corresponding to the source and destination databases are created. If you have not created a database, create a database that meets the RDS standard. Grant the migration account the read and write permissions to the database, map the new database to the database, and PreCheck again.

Note: for RDS MySQL Version5.6 non-high-security accounts and RDS SQL Server 2008r2,DTS automatically calls the corresponding API operations to create the corresponding databases.

Application scope

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)