Data Security Center (DSC) can detect sensitive data such as sensitive images, sensitive personal information, sensitive enterprise information, and sensitive industry information. DSC also allows you to add custom detection rules to detect data based on field names or regular expressions. This topic describes the types of sensitive data that can be identified by DSC.

The following table describes the types of sensitive data that DSC can detect and de-identify.

No.Data typeNo.Data type
1ID card number (Chinese mainland)2ID card number (Hong Kong, China)
3ID card number (Malaysia)4ID card number (Singapore)
5IPv6 address6IPv4 address
7Address (Chinese mainland)8Media access control (MAC) address
9Mobile number (Chinese mainland)10Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection string
11Email address12Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) certificate
13Passport number (Chinese mainland)14Private key
15Passport number (Malaysia)16AccessKey ID
17License plate number (Chinese mainland)18AccessKey secret
19Telephone number (Chinese mainland)20Telephone number (the United States)
21Military ID22GPS location
25Nation26International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
27Province (Chinese mainland)28Mobile equipment identifier (MEID)
29City (Chinese mainland)30Hashed password
31Name in simplified Chinese32/etc/passwd file in Linux
33Name in traditional Chinese34/etc/shadow file in Linux
35Name in English36URL
37Debit card number38Business license number
39Religion40Tax registration certificate number
41Credit card number42Organization code
43Unverified ID card number44Unified social credit code
45Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code46Vehicle identification number
47Social security number (SSN)48ID card image (Chinese mainland)
49Passport image (Chinese mainland) 50SQL script
51 Nationality52Loan type
53Certificate type54Loan purpose
55Marital status56Credit type
57WeChat account58Credit purpose
59Smoking history60Guarantee form
61School62Guarantee type
63Academy64Repayment method
65Education background66Type of breach of contract
67Academic degree68Way of collecting debts
69Work unit70Bank intermediate business
71Job title72Fund transaction type
73Qualification certificate No.74Source of funding
75Organization name76License plate type
77Party78Vehicle type
79Card Validation Number 2 (CVN2)80Motor vehicle brand
81Dynamic password82Engine number
83District84Reinsurance business type
85Street86Reinsurance method
87Lineage88Source of counterfeit money
89Social relationship90Re-lending type
91Enterprise name92Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) verification status
93Business scope94Amount
97Enterprise type98Store name
99Currency100Counter name
101Deposit type102Device type
103Contract type104Client type
105Contract status106Corporate form
107Contract No.108Loan category
109Number of an institution for opening accounts110Code
111Account status112Storage path
113Account type114Shell script
115Freeze type116WeChat UnionID
117WeChat OpenID118Name in pinyin
119Permit number of the Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and MacauNoneNone