Before you use Image Search, activate it. This topic describes how to activate Image Search.



  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud International site (
  2. In the top navigation bar, move your pointer over Products. Choose Artificial Intelligence > Image Search.
  3. On the product landing page of Image Search, click Buy Now. The buy page appears.
    Buy Now
  4. On the buy page, specify the following parameters.
    Buy page
    Parameter Description
    Region The region where the Image Search instance is deployed.You can select the Singapore (Singapore), China (Hong Kong), Japan (Tokyo), or Germany (Frankfurt) region on the International site (
    Search Type The service type. Image Search provides multiple service types. Valid values:
    • Product Search

      This service is applicable to scenarios where similar products are searched or products are recommended based on product images on e-commerce platforms. You can upload a product image to search for products that are similar or identical to the product in your image.

    • Generic Search

      This service is applicable to scenarios where you expect to protect image copyrights or search for similar images. You can upload an image to search for images that include subjects or elements similar or identical to those included in your image.

    Note The service type cannot be changed. Proceed with caution.
    Queries/sec (QPS) The maximum number of requests that Image Search can process every second. A higher QPS indicates that Image Search can process more requests every second. For example, five QPS indicates that the system can process five image search requests every second. By default, QPS can be only 20 for image deletion. This indicates that the system can process 20 requests to delete images every second.
    Capacity The maximum number of images among which you can run searches.
    Note For product image searches, this parameter specifies the maximum number of images instead of the number of products.
    Instance Name The name of the instance. When you send API requests, you must specify an instance name. The instance name must meet the following requirements:
    • The instance name contains lowercase letters and digits.
    • The instance name must start with a letter.
    • The instance name must be 4 to 20 characters in length.
    Note The instance name cannot be changed. Proceed with caution.
    Duration The validity duration of the Image Search instance that you purchase.
  5. Click Buy Now.
  6. Click Console. The Overview page of the Image Search console appears. After you create the instance, you can use the Image Search service.