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Last Updated: May 27, 2020

Some common template related FAQs:

Why must my template be verified?

Templates are needed when you want to send batch emails in the DirectMail console or when using the API BatchSendMail interface. Due to the potential high volume of email, the template needs to be verified by DirectMail personnel as meeting Alibaba Cloud standards.

Templates are not required for sending emails using STMP, or when using the API SingleSendMail interface.

Why does my template verification fail?

Template verifications may fail because:

  • Some content contains words which mistakenly tag the template as spam.
  • The template has no explicit unsubscribe link or feedback link.
  • The template is found to be a customer development email. Only commercial emails as permitted by the recipients are allowed to be sent. The source of recipient addresses must be registered by the member, and the email content must be subscribed to by the recipients explicitly. Spam emails are not allowed.

Note: Verification of an email template can take up to three working days.

Are custom variables supported in templates?

Custom variables are supported when using SMTP or the API SingleSendMail interface to send emails.

When you use the DirectMail console, only the following variables can be used in the template:

  • Replace the recipient’s email address with {EAddr}.
  • Replace the recipient’s real name with {UserName}.
  • Replace the recipient’s nickname with {NickName}.
  • Replace the appellation for the recipient (Mr. or Ms.) with {Gender}.
  • Replace the recipient’s birthday with {Birthday}.
  • Replace the recipient’s telephone number with {Mobile}.