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Direct Mail:FAQs about Receiving Replies

Last Updated:Oct 09, 2022

This topic describes some common FAQs about receiving replies.

How can I verify the reply-to address?

Log on with the email account you set to receive the verification email, and then follow the instructions in it to verify the reply-to address. If you have not received a verification email, check your spam folder.

How can I receive emails from recipients?

DirectMail is a dedicated email delivery service, and does not provide enterprise inbox services. However, reply emails can be forwarded to an address specified as the reply-to address.

  • If using the DirectMail console or APIs, you can set the reply-to addresses for sent emails when you create a sender address in the Sender Addresses page. The reply-to address must be verified.

  • If using STMP, you need to specify the reply-to address for sent emails in the SMTP calling code.