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Direct Mail:Enable IP Protection

Last Updated:Dec 07, 2023

DirectMail provides IP protection to improve the security of sending emails using SMTP and APIs.

To Activate IP Protection

1. Log on to the DirectMail Console.

2. Click Email Settings > IP Whitelist.

3. Add IPs, IP ranges or IP segments to the IP protection whitelist and check Enable IP Whitelist.

IP protection


  • Only one IP/IP range/IP segment can be entered per line, and you can add up to 10 IPs/IP ranges/IP segments.

    • Single IP format is: For example,

    • IP range format is: For example,

    • IP segment format is: For example,

  • Do not enter the intranet IP addresses, such as, and

  • IP protection can be used when sending emails using SMTP and APIs.

  • After enabling IP protection, the IP addresses used for sending emails must be contained in the IP whitelist.

  • To ensure delivery, we recommend that you add IPs to the IP whitelist before enabling IP protection for the first time. If your sending IP address changes, update the IP whitelist as soon as possible. Otherwise, you cannot send emails successfully.