You can share your reports with all or specific users.


  1. Go to the DataStudio page.
    1. Log on to the DataWorks console.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Workspaces.
    3. In the top navigation bar, select the region where the target workspace resides. Find the target workspace and click Data Analytics in the Actions column.
  2. On the DataStudio page, click the Icon icon in the upper-left corner and choose All Products > Data Development > DataAnalysis.
  3. On the DataAnalysis homepage, click Experience Now. The Web Excel page appears.
  4. In the All Reports section of the Report page, click the name of the report that you want to edit in the File Name column to go to the report editing page.
    If you create a report in this step, the report editing page appears after the report is created. For more information, see Edit a report.
  5. In the upper-right corner of the report editing page, click Share & Release to specify the users who can view this report.
    • Visible to All: To allow all users to view the report, turn on Visible to All.
    • Users with Read Access: To allow only specific users to view the report, turn off Visible to All and click Add in the Users with Read Access section. In the Share File with These Users dialog box, enter and select the names of the users to be granted the read permissions, and click OK.
      Note You can grant the read permissions to up to 30 users.
  6. Click Share in the dialog box.