This topic describes the types of line charts and their examples.

A line chart consists of a horizontal axis that represents categories and a vertical axis that represents values. A line chart can be used to analyze the trend of changes over time, especially in the scenario where the data trend is more important than data values. Therefore, a line chart is suitable to show the trend of changes over equal intervals, for example, months, quarters, and fiscal years.

This topic uses the sample data listed in the following table to show different types of line charts.
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Chrome 0.3782 0.4663 0.4966 0.5689 0.623 0.636
Firefox 0.2284 0.203 0.1801 0.156 0.1531 0.1304
IE 0.3214 0.2491 0.2455 0.1652 0.1073 0.0834
  • Line chart
  • Stacked line chartStacked line chart
  • 100% stacked line chart100% stacked line chart
  • Line chart with markersLine chart with markers
  • Stacked line chart with markersStacked line chart with markers
  • 100% stacked line chart with markers100% stacked line chart with markers