This topic describes the types of horizontal bar charts and their examples.

A horizontal bar chart shows comparisons between categories. A horizontal bar chart consists of a vertical axis that represents categories and a horizontal axis that represents values. You can rank the categories based on a specified order and highlight the top three or five categories. For example, you can use a horizontal bar chart to display the sales of popular commodities in the retail industry.

This topic uses the sample data listed in the following table to show different types of horizontal bar charts.
Tokyo New York London Berlin
The First Quarter 227.8 260.9 127 110.1
The Second Quarter 449.2 283.9 136.7 167.8
The Third Quarter 500.5 300.5 171 165.4
The Fourth Quarter 344.1 282.4 175.7 137
  • Horizontal bar chartHorizontal bar chart
  • Stacked horizontal bar chartStacked horizontal bar chart
  • 100% stacked horizontal bar chart100% stacked horizontal bar chart