This topic describes the FAQ about App Studio.

What issue may occur if I set a breakpoint in a main function?

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {,args) ; // Set a breakpoint in this line and then start debugging.

After you set a breakpoint in a main function, if you select Step Over under Debug when the thread suspends at the breakpoint, the thread may fail to be resumed.

Currently, DataWorks does not support multi-thread programming or debugging. Therefore, do not set a breakpoint in a main function.

What can I do if the startup time of a program is too long?

If you set a breakpoint in the line that defines a function and then select Start Debugging under Debug, it will take a long time to start the program.

This symptom is normal. We recommend that you use line breakpoints instead of method breakpoints.

Can I add a variable in the Watch section?

You cannot add some variables in the Watch section.Variable

As shown in the preceding figure, DataWorks throws an exception for the first variable and fails to execute the code with the second variable.