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DataWorks:Guide for getting started with DataWorks

Last Updated:Sep 04, 2023

DataWorks is an end-to-end big data development and governance platform that provides data warehousing, data lake, and lakehouse solutions based on big data compute engines such as MaxCompute, Hologres, E-MapReduce (EMR), AnalyticDB, and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) compute engines. To help you quickly understand the entire process of data development and governance in DataWorks, Alibaba Cloud provides a series of tutorials. This topic provides an overview of the tutorials.



Involved service and scenario

Degree of difficulty

Estimated time

DataWorks for MaxCompute workshop

  • DataWorks, MaxCompute, ApsaraDB RDS, and Object Storage Service (OSS)

  • Synchronize, cleanse, and process data, monitor the quality of data, and display the processed data in a visualized manner to analyze user profiles.


60 minutes

Usage description of DataWorks modules

Understand the features of each module of DataWorks.


15 minutes