This topic describes the common problems encountered when you connect to a data source in DataV and the corresponding solutions.

What do I do if I fail to connect to my database?

Add the IP address of the DataV server to your database whitelist or the security group settings of your ECS instance based on the network type and region of the database. Alternatively, use a proxy tool to connect to your database. For more information, see How to use DataV Proxy.

How can I configure a CSV data source?

You can use the first row of the CSV file as the table header, and make sure that the name of each column is consistent with the field names of the required data structure from the corresponding chart.

Which data centers can be connected to DataV over an Alibaba Cloud classic network?

The data centers in China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), and China (Beijing) are supported.

Can I connect databases deployed on my ECS instance or other devices to DataV?

Yes, you can configure alert rules that are supported by CloudMonitor in SAE. However, you must open the Internet IP address of your database first. For security reasons, you can use the proxy tool provided by Alibaba Cloud to connect to the database. For more information, see How to use DataV Proxy.

What do I do if a timeout is returned when I configure a database data source?

  1. Make sure that you have completed the configuration as specified in Database whitelist settings.
  2. If your data source is a ApsaraDB for RDS, configure an RDS whitelist and check whether you are using a VPC Virtual Private Cloud.
    • Yes. When you add a data source, you must turn on VPC and enter the VPC ID and instance ID.
      Note You can obtain the VPC ID in the Alibaba Cloud VPC console and the instance ID in the Alibaba Cloud RDS console. Delete the front and end spaces of the ID before you enter it.
    • If you are not using a VPC, contact the technical support.

How do I write SQL statements when the callback ID is an array?

  • Common SQL statement
     select * from tb where id in (:idList)
  • Operations related to a stored procedure
    function(concat_ws(',', :idList))
    Note idList an array of callback IDs configured for you.

How can I configure a data source for a carousel table?

You can input data in the data panel of a carousel table widget,

and run SQL statements to query the data by using the table as a 2D table. The aliases of the fields are used as table headers.
select field1 as "Column 1", filed2 as "Column 2", field3 as "Column 3" from table

How can I configure a data source for a flying routes layer?

If you are using an SQL data source, you must obtain data of the from and to fields, and separate the longitude and latitude in each field with a comma (,) (This process is slightly different from the process for using static data or calling the API).

What do I do if a timeout is reported for a widget data request?

  • Cause: The data query has timed out. The timeout value of requests sent to the database is set to 10s in DataV. If the data query time exceeds 10s, a timeout error occurs.

    Solution: This timeout value is specified on the server of DataV. You cannot modify this setting. We recommend that you optimize the corresponding SQL statement, or adjust the table structure to decrease the query time.

  • Possible cause: It takes a long time to query the data of a widget, but the interval for setting automatic update requests of the widget is short. The Chrome browser can initiate up to six HTTP requests for the same domain name at the same time. Therefore, subsequent requests will be pending in the browser and cannot be sent to the data center.

    Solution: We recommend that you adjust the interval of requesting the widget auto update, or optimize the corresponding SQL statement to decrease the query time.

    Note Solution to long-time queries:
    • Self-built data interface API service (need to support cross-domain)
    • Optimize database queries: For example, you can create relevant indexes based on common SQL query conditions to accelerate queries.