You can configure an option button in the box style.

Configuration description

Field Description Data type Required? Remarks
name The name of the control. string Yes None.
type The type of the control. string Yes None.
default The default value. object No If this field is not specified, no option is selected by default.
options The list of options. array No The value is an object array, which consists of the label and value fields. The label field specifies the text to be displayed, and the value field specifies the value of the text.
evenlySplit Specifies whether the options are evenly distributed. boolean No None.

Value description

Condition Data type Example Default value
None object "left" ""

Configuration examples

Configuration example of the option button
"algin": {
    "name": "Alignment",
    "type": "buttonRadio",
    "evenlySplit": true,
    "options": [
        "value": "left",
        "label": "Left"
        "value": "right",
        "label": "Center"
        "value": "bottom",
        "label": "Right"