Database Backup (DBS) offers features such as full backup, incremental backup, and data restoration. After you configure a backup schedule, you may need to change the backup source to another database based on your business requirements.

Background information


  1. The original database has been migrated to another environment or it is no longer in use. In this case, you need to perform backups on another database.
  2. After the testing is completed, you need to perform backups on the database that is in the production environment.



  1. Log on to the DBS console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup Schedules. On the Backup Schedules page that appears, find the target backup schedule and click Manage in the Actions column. The Configure Task page appears.

  2. Click Edit Backup Source in the upper-right corner. The configuration page appears.

  3. Specify the configuration of the new backup source and click Next to go to the Database Objects page.15
  4. Select the objects that you want to back up in the database and click Save to start the precheck.16
  5. If the precheck is successful, you can click Start Task to start the backup schedule.