Storage usage has a significant bearing on the performance of your database instances. If the storage space is insufficient, your database instances may encounter severe issues, such as read and write failures, backup failures, and prolonged storage expansion operations. This topic describes how to use Database Autonomy Service (DAS) to view the storage usage of your database instances, handle insufficient storage capacity, and take related precautionary measures.

Video tutorial

View storage usage

Storage analysis: You can view the storage usage of a database instance and the number of days for which the remaining storage space is available. You can also view the storage information about each table in a database, such as storage usage, tablespace fragments, and diagnostic reports on storage anomalies.

Prevent and handle storage insufficiency

  • Auto scaling: If this feature is enabled, DAS automatically expands the storage capacity of your database instances in the case of storage insufficiency. For more information, see the following topics:
  • Automatic tablespace fragment recycling: DAS provides the automatic recycling feature for tablespace fragments. This feature can help optimize the usage of tablespace. After you enable this feature for your database instance, DAS runs the OPTIMIZE TABLE or ALTER TABLE command on the primary instance to recycle tablespace fragments.