This topic describes how to stop a data synchronization task that you no longer need. After the data synchronization task is stopped, incremental data will not be synchronized to the destination database.


The data synchronization task is in the Synchronizing, Paused, Synchronization Failed, Performing Initial Synchronization, or Initial Synchronization Failed state.


  • If a data synchronization task is stopped, the task enters the Completed state and no longer synchronizes incremental data from the source database to the destination database.
  • If a data synchronization task is stopped, the task cannot be restarted. To synchronize data again, you must reconfigure the task.


  1. Log on to the DTS console.
  2. At the top of the Synchronization Tasks page, select the region where the data synchronization instance resides.
  3. On the Synchronization Tasks page, click the ID of the data synchronization instance.
  4. Find the data synchronization task, and choose More > Stop Task in the Actions column.
    Stop a data synchronization task


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