This topic lists the regions that are supported by Data Transmission Service (DTS).

Region City Region ID
China (Hangzhou) Hangzhou cn-hangzhou
China (Shanghai) Shanghai cn-shanghai
China (Qingdao) Qingdao cn-qingdao
China (Beijing) Beijing cn-beijing
China (Zhangjiakou) Zhangjiakou cn-zhangbei
China (Hohhot) Hohhot cn-huhehaote
China (Shenzhen) Shenzhen cn-shenzhen
China (Chengdu) Chengdu cn-chengdu
China (Hong Kong) Hong Kong cn-hongkong
Singapore (Singapore) Singapore ap-southeast-1
Australia (Sydney) Sydney ap-southeast-2
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Kuala Lumpur ap-southeast-3
Indonesia (Jakarta) Jakarta ap-southeast-5
Thailand (Bangkok) Bangkok ap-southeast-7
India (Mumbai) Mumbai ap-south-1
Japan (Tokyo) Tokyo ap-northeast-1
South Korea (Seoul) Seoul ap-northeast-2
US (Silicon Valley) Silicon Valley us-west-1
US (Virginia) Virginia us-east-1
Germany (Frankfurt) Frankfurt eu-central-1
UK (London) London eu-west-1
UAE (Dubai) Dubai me-east-1
China East 1 Finance Hangzhou cn-hangzhou-finance
China East 2 Finance Shanghai cn-shanghai-finance
China North 1 Finance Qingdao cn-qingdao-finance
China South 1 Finance Shenzhen cn-shenzhen-finance
China North 2 Ali Gov Beijing cn-north-2-gov-1