This topic describes the values of the PluginType parameter. The values correspond to different tickets that can be submitted by calling operations in Data Management (DMS).

Note The PluginType parameter may be required when you call operations such as CreateOrder and ListOrders to submit tickets.
Ticket type PluginType
Data development DF_PUBLISH
Data change DATA_CORRECT
Note This value can be used only if you call the ListOrders operation to filter tickets.
Schema design NDDL
Schema synchronization TABLE_SYNC
Regular data change DC_COMMON
Lock-free change DC_CHUNK
Historical data cleaning DC_CRON_CLEAR
Programmable object DC_PROC
Large data import DC_BIG_FILE
Data export DATA_EXPORT
Database export DB_EXPORT
SQL review SQLReview
Database cloning DATABASE_CLONE
Test data generation GENERATE
Data tracking DATA_TRACK
Data archiving DATA_ARCHIVE
Data analysis DATA_WAREHOUSE
T+1 full data snapshot DATA_SNAPSHOT
Database migration SAAS_DB_MOVE
Application for permissions on databases and tables PERM_APPLY
Application for owner permissions OWNER_APPLY
Application for permissions on the secure access proxy feature PROXY_APPLY
Sensitive field change SENSITIVITY
Database risk report HealthReport