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Cloud Parallel File Storage:Storage types

Last Updated:Mar 28, 2024

This topic describes the performance, capacity, and advanced feature of Cloud Parallel File Storage (CPFS).

File system performance


400 MB/s/TiB baseline for CPFS for Lingjun (public preview)


  • Read throughput: min{400 × Capacity (TiB), 400,000} MB/s

  • Write throughput: min{200 × Capacity (TiB), 200,000} MB/s

The throughput can be up to 2 TB/s. If you want to increase the throughput, submit a ticket.


  • Read IOPS: min{6,800 × Capacity (TiB), 6,800,000}

  • Write IOPS: min{2,300 × Capacity (TiB), 2,300,000}

The IOPS can be up to 30,000,000. If you want to increase the IOPS, submit a ticket.

Average latency for reading 4 KiB files from a single-socket server

0.25 ms

Average latency for writing 4 KiB files to a single-socket server

0.6 ms


  • Starting capacity: 10 TiB

  • Scaling step size: 10 TiB

  • Maximum capacity: 1 PiB

    The capacity can be up to 5 PiB. If you want to increase the capacity, submit a ticket.

Supported advanced feature

Data monitoring