Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) supports Knative 0.18.3. This topic describes the changes and features of Knative 0.18.3.

Note We recommend that you set the apiVersion parameter of Knative Services to V1. The V1alpha1 and V1beta1 versions will be deprecated after Knative 0.19.0 is released.


  • To use the features of Knative 0.18.3, the Kubernetes version must be 1.18 or later.
  • Supports multiple containers in a pod. Knative Services allow you to deploy multiple containers in a pod.
  • Supports header-based routing policies. You can specify the Knative-Serving-Tag: {revision-tag} header in a request. This allows the Kourier ingress to directly send requests to specific revisions. You can use this feature to implement header-based canary releases.
  • Adds compatibility with the nodeSelector feature in Kubernetes. The following parameters are required to configure this feature: affinity, nodeSelector, and tolerations.
  • Knative Services support the dry-run feature. This feature allows you to validate the configurations of the current revision template. You can use one of the following parameters to enable the dry-run feature in the template:
    • enabled
    • strict
    Note When you create a Knative Service:
    • If you set to enabled, a dry run is performed if Kubernetes supports the dry-run feature. If Kubernetes does not support the dry-run feature, the system still tries to create the Knative Service.
    • If you set to strict, a failure is returned if Kubernetes does not support the dry-run feature.