This topic introduces ack-cost-exporter and describes the usage notes and release notes of the component.


The cost analysis feature is implemented by using the following methods:
  • ack-cost-exporter submits the billing data of a cluster for cost analysis. The billing data includes the costs, real-time prices, billing methods, discounts, coupons, and vouchers of cloud resources.
  • ack-arms-prometheus submits the resource usage data of a cluster.
  • ack-arms-prometheus performs cost analysis based on the billing data and the resource usage data.
ack-cost-exporter consists of alibaba-cloud-price-exporter and alibaba-cloud-billing-exporter:
  • alibaba-cloud-price-exporter
    • Periodically obtains the instance types and instance prices in a Kubernetes cluster, and converts these details into Prometheus metrics.
    • Supports public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud scenarios.
    • Supports multiple billing methods, such as subscription, pay-as-you-go, and preemptible instances.
  • alibaba-cloud-billing-exporter

    Regularly obtains the bills of a cluster and converts them into Prometheus metrics.


For more information about how to use ack-cost-exporter, see Enable cost analysis.

Release notes

August 2022

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
  • The cost data of an elastic container instance or a pod can be collected.
  • The resource occupation of cost data is reduced and the computing performance on cost data is improved.
No impact on workloads

May 2021

Version Image address Release date Description Impact
  • The cost data of a pod can be submitted.
  • Cost forecasts can be performed based on different sales strategies of computing resources.
No impact on workloads