This topic describes the free quotas for the billable items of CloudMonitor Basic.

The following table describes the free quotas for the billable items of CloudMonitor Basic.
Billable item Free quota
API calls for metric data query 10 million calls per month.
Note The free quota includes only the number of calls for the following API operations: DescribeMetricLast, DescribeMetricList, DescribeMetricData, and DescribeMetricTop. It does not include the number of calls generated by console operations.
Site monitoring tasks 100 site monitoring tasks. You can select up to five Elastic Compute Service (ECS) detection points for each site monitoring task. You cannot select detection points that are provided by carriers.
  • After 22:00:00 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2022, CloudMonitor no longer provides the free quotas of site monitoring tasks. For more information, see Adjustment Announcement of Site Monitoring Feature of CloudMonitor.
  • Carrier detection points are the endpoints of China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Telecom. CloudMonitor uses carrier detection points to simulate the access behaviors of end users and test the network quality of carriers in different regions.
Events in event monitoring 5 million events per month.
Retention period of events in event monitoring 12 months.
Time series in custom monitoring 1,000 time series.
Note You cannot report raw data.
Data processing capacity for log monitoring The peak value cannot exceed 100 MB/min.