This topic describes how to manage cache disks in the Cloud Storage Gateway console, including how to add and expand cache disks.


You have created a block gateway. For more information, see Create a block gateway.

Background information

Currently, iSCSI volumes support the Cache and Write Through modes. You can select a cache disk for each iSCSI volume that has the Cache mode enabled. The Cache mode allows read and write operations to use local cache disks first. If you need to create an iSCSI volume that has the Cache mode enabled, you must add a cache disk to the block gateway first.

Note Methods introduced in this topic are only used to add cache disks to block gateways deployed on Alibaba Cloud. If you need to add cache disks to on-premises block gateways, you must operate on your on-premises platform.

Add a cache disk

  1. Log on to the CSG console.
  2. Select the region where the target block gateway is located.
  3. Go to the Gateway Cluster page, find the target block gateway, and then click the name of the gateway to go to the Share tab.
  4. Click the Cache tab, and click Create Cache.
  5. On the Add Cache dialog box that appears, set the following parameters:
    • Size: specifies the size of the cache that you want to create. Valid values: 20 GB to 32 TB.
    • Type: specifies the type of the cache that you want to create. Valid values: Ultra Disk and SSD.
  6. Click OK.
    For a subscription block gateway, after you create a cache, you are redirected to the Cloud Storage Gateway Cache Disk (Subscription) page to pay for the cache. For more information, see Purchase a cache disk.

Increase cache capacity

You can increase the cache capacity for block gateways.

  1. On the Cache page, find the target cache disk and click the plus sign (+) in the Actions column.
  2. In the Expand Cache Disk dialog box that appears, set the cache size and click OK.
    Note Note: When you expand a cache disk, the gateway automatically restarts. You cannot perform any operation on the gateway during this process.

    The cache disk must not be expanded to more than 6 TB. If you need a cache capacity that is larger than 6 TB, add a new cache disk.

    You can increase the cache disk size, but you cannot reduce the cache disk size.

What to do next

Create an iSCSI volume