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Cloud Shell:Using Cloud Shell

Last Updated:Jun 15, 2019

You can access the Cloud Shell through either the Alibaba Cloud Management Console or through a stand-alone operation. You can choose one based on different scenarios or your preferences.

1. Open the Cloud Shell

  • Alibaba Cloud Management Console
    On the Alibaba Cloud Management Console homepage, click the Cloud Shell button in the top navigation bar to start the Cloud Shell.

  • Stand-alone operation
    Enter following URL in your browser to enter the Cloud Shell:

  • Open multiple Cloud Shells
    You can open up to 5 Cloud Shells to meet your operating needs.


  • When you first connect to the Cloud Shell, a new VM will be created for you. This operation takes some time, but does not take longer than 40 seconds.
  • When you open multiple Cloud Shells, all windows will connect to the same VM. The number of VMs are not increased by opening up a new window.

2. Interface operation

The Cloud Shell provides a variety of interface configuration options to meet your needs.

2.1 Change text font and font size

You can click the function button to change the font and font size of text.

2.2 Copy and paste

You can right-click to perform copy and paste operations. You can also use the Control+C and Control+V shortcuts to perform the copy and paste operations respectively. On a Mac, use command+c and command+v.

2.3 Page scrolling

You can use the mouse or touchpad to scroll up and down the screen.

2.3 Restart an instance

In the toolbar, you can select Restart to restart a VM instance. Note: When you restart an instance, a new instance is allocated. All data stored within the temporary directory is lost unless a storage space was mounted.

2.4 Log out from the Cloud Shell

You can directly close the window to close the Cloud Shell. No further operations are required for logout.


  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, the Cloud Shell logs out automatically.
  • After you have logged out from the Cloud Shell for 15 minutes, your VM instance is released. If you restart the Cloud Shell within 15 minutes, you will log back on to the original VM instance.
  • After a VM is released, all data stored in the temporary directory is lost unless a storage space was mounted.

3. System tools

  • ssh: You can use ssh to connect to your ECS or other servers that can be accessed over the Internet.
  • vim: You can use vim to edit files. Current version number: 8.1
  • jq: You can use jq to convert JSON data. Current version number: jq-master-v3.7.0-4757-gc31a4d0fd5