Cloud Shell is a tool to help you manage Alibaba Cloud resources or services. Cloud Shell is free to use and does not require any payment. However, if you need to use permanent storage space for Cloud Shell, you need to pay storage fees based on your actual usage.

Is Cloud Shell secure?

Yes, Cloud Shell provides various measures to ensure security.

  • Security of virtual machines (VMs)

    When you start Cloud Shell, a VM is created. The VM instance of each user is isolated and cannot be accessed by others. When you close Cloud Shell, the VM is destroyed.

  • Authentication

    When you log on to Cloud Shell, Cloud Shell verifies whether your identify is valid and whether you are granted required permissions by using Resource Access Management (RAM). The related permissions that are configured in RAM are in effect. You do not need to configure other permissions.

  • Security of operations

    You can manage all cloud resources by calling API operations. API requests are encrypted by using HTTPS and can prevent replay attacks.

Does Cloud Shell support RAM users?

Yes, you can log on to Cloud Shell by using a RAM user. Cloud Shell checks whether you grant the required permissions to the RAM user in the Resource Access Management (RAM) console. If the RAM user passes the authentication, you do not need to grant additional permissions to the RAM user.

Why does the timeout message frequently appear?

If you do not enter commands for 30 minutes, Cloud Shell releases your VM to prevent resource idleness. After you click OK in the message, Cloud Shell allocates a new VM to you.

What are the limits that I must pay attention to when I use Cloud Shell?

Long-term use or computing and intensive malicious processes are not supported. In these cases, a session may be terminated or even prohibited without warning.