After you activate Cloud Firewall, you can enable the log analysis feature in the Cloud Firewall console.


Cloud Firewall provides the log analysis feature that collects logs on Internet traffic in real time. The feature also retrieves and analyzes log data in real time, and displays the results in various dashboards. You can configure Log Storage when you enable the log analysis feature on the buy page of Cloud Firewall.
Note The log analysis feature is available in the Premium Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Ultimate Edition of Cloud Firewall.


  1. Log on to the Cloud Firewall console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Log Analysis > Log Analysis.
  3. On the Log Analysis page, click Activate Now. Activate Log Analysis
  4. On the Upgrade/Downgrade page, set Log Audit to Yes, configure Log Storage, read and select Cloud Firewall Terms of Service, and then click Buy Now to complete the payment. Log Analysis configuration changes
    Note For more information about the billing of log analysis, see Billing.
  5. On the Log Analysis page, turn on internet_log to enable log collection.Enable log collection for Internet traffic

    The log analysis feature collects logs on inbound and outbound Internet traffic of Cloud Firewall and analyzes the log data in real time.