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Coupon Management Introduction

Last Updated: May 15, 2019

Alibaba Cloud developed the Coupon Function in Channel Platform. Distributors and Resellers are able to use the function to issue coupon to its subaccounts to do POC or to motivate subaccounts.

Coupon could be used to offset the outstanding bills and coupon deducted amount will be shown in subaccounts’ daily and monthly bills.

Note: Please contact your BD to enable the Coupon Function if you can’t see this function from Channel Platform console.

How to use Coupon Function

1. Access to Coupon Management Function

coupon management

2. Coupon Distribution Management


  • The coupon template allows you to set the cost bearer to Alibaba Cloud or partner. The approval process varies depending on the cost bearer. If the cost bearer is Alibaba Cloud, the partner is not liable for any costs.
  • Limited to 1 means coupon based on this template could be issued to the same subaccount only once. Unlimited means we don’t limit how many times you issue the coupon.
  • Click ‘Create’ button, then this new template will be created and ready for distribution.

3. Issue Coupon

  • Find the template and click ‘Issue Coupon’ button from template list.issue button
  • Select subaccounts from the list, then move to the ‘Selected Accounts’ listissue

Note: Coupons cost borne by Alibaba Cloud could not issued to tier2 resellers.

Confirm the selection. Once confirmed, the coupon will be in approval process.

4. Check Coupon Approval Status

  • If your BD does not need to approve the coupon, then the coupon will be approved automatically and released to subaccounts.
  • If your BD needs to approve the coupon, then you can see the approval status. Before the approval, you can choose to cancel the approval request.approval status

5. Check subaccounts’ Coupon Usage

  • Please go to ‘Coupon Usage’ page to see the usage information.usage
  • Note: Subaccounts could see coupons and usage information from Billing Management - Coupons page.