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:Whether the use of CDN will affect the SEO of the website

Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021


This topic describes whether the use of CDN affects the performance of website SEO.


Detailed information

Baiduspider can crawl websites in the same way as the common user common user. As long as users can be guaranteed to visit websites smoothly, there will be no impact on search engines. When the CDN is unstable and the IP address is changed due to malicious attacks, a crawler access exception occurs due to a DNS cache problem or a crawler cache problem. It will have a certain impact on SEO. If you ensure that the previous two points are actually helpful for SEO, it is mainly reflected in the following two aspects.

  • After CDN is used, the access speed is faster and the website is more crawler friendly and easily indexed.
  • After CDN is used, the user experience is improved and the number of visitors increases.


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