How can I query IP addresses of points of presence (POPs) for a CDN domain?


You can retrieve IP addresses of POPs for a CDN domain by using the following methods:
  • If a request misses the caches on an L1 POP, CDN redirects the request to an L2 POP. CDN automatically assigns an L2 POP to process the request. If you specify a fixed list of IP addresses of L2 POPs, cache hits on L2 POPs may fail.
  • If your origin server has SafeDog and other protection software configured, call the DescribeL2VipsByDomain operation to query IP addresses of L2 POPs by CDN domain.
  • To support the daily peak bandwidth of more than 1 Gbit/s, you can submit a ticket , query IP addresses of L2 POPs, and then add these IP addresses to the whitelist to ensure normal visits to your website.