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CDN:How am I billed for data transfer when Alibaba Cloud CDN is used with other Alibaba Cloud services?

Last Updated:Feb 19, 2024

Alibaba Cloud CDN can be used together with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Object Storage Service (OSS). Alibaba Cloud CDN points of presence (POPs) are globally distributed. Data is transmitted over the Internet between Alibaba Cloud CDN and other Alibaba Cloud services. In this case, how am I billed for data transfer?


Data transfer of Alibaba Cloud CDN and other services is billed separately. For more information, see the billing rules for each Alibaba Cloud service.

For example, Customer A activated Alibaba Cloud CDN and OSS to provide file distribution services. If a client requests resources from a POP that does not have the corresponding resources cached, the POP redirects the request to the specific OSS bucket. In this case, Customer A is charged for the outbound traffic of Alibaba Cloud CDN and the outbound traffic of OSS. The outbound traffic of Alibaba Cloud CDN and OSS is billed separately.CDN回源流量

  • When POPs retrieve resources from an OSS bucket, OSS charges fees for data transmitted from the OSS bucket to the POPs. Alibaba Cloud CDN does not charge fees.

  • If the requested resources are already cached on the POP, data is transmitted from the POP to the client. In this case, OSS does not charge fees but Alibaba Cloud CDN charges fees.


Alibaba Cloud offers discounts if you use multiple Alibaba Cloud services together. For example, when you use Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate the delivery of resources stored in OSS buckets, the outbound traffic of OSS generated during origin fetch is billed at a discounted price.