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:After the site is enabled with CDN, the parameters cannot be loaded

Last Updated:Sep 24, 2021

Problem Description

The user shows that everything is normal when accessing the non-accelerated site on the source station. After Alibaba Cloud CDN is enabled, some parameters may fail to be loaded when you access Alibaba Cloud through CDN.

Cause of problem

The parameter filtering function is enabled for the corresponding CDN domain name. If the option is enabled, after the request arrives at the CDN node, the URL without parameters is intercepted, and then the request is sent to the origin site, and the CDN node retains only one copy. If parameter filtering is disabled, different copies are cached on the CDN node for different URLs. Therefore, if many resources are retrieved from the origin by using the question mark (?) To distinguish and get results, you need to disable this parameter.


Turn off the filter parameter switch.

  1. Log on to the CDN console. Click domain name management.
  2. On the corresponding domain name, click parameter, find the filter parameter on the configuration page and disable it.

Applicable to

  • CDN