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:Error message (504 Gateway Time-out) is displayed after you use the CDN domain name

Last Updated:Aug 23, 2021

Problem description

After you use a CDN domain name, the error message 504 Gateway Time-out is returned.


The origin server is abnormal. When CDN retrieves data from the origin server, the error occurs if the origin server does not respond within 30 seconds.


  1. Check whether the CPU and bandwidth resources of the origin site server are abnormal. If any abnormality occurs, refer to network traffic load query and case analysis and query CPU load and case analysis for troubleshooting.
  2. Modify the host file on your local computer to redirect the domain name to the IP address of the source server. For more information, see procedure to bind a domain name.
    • Access the domain name and check whether the request Time parameter in the Network exceeds 30 seconds in the review element of the browser. Time. If the duration of the response is more than 30 seconds, we recommend that you check the service of the origin server to ensure that the response time is within a short period.
    • If the response time of the origin server exceeds 30 seconds but the origin server cannot reduce the response time, you can apply for an extension of the default timeout value for the CDN domain. For more information, see configure back-to-Origin Request Timeout.


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